Grim Fandango Retrospective

The makers of Grim Fandango discuss the development of the beloved adventure game and how Double Fine Productions plans to release the original classic to a contemporary audience.

In 1998, point and click adventure game powerhouse LucasArts released Tim Schafer's critically-acclaimed "Grim Fandango," a dark comedy set in The Land of the Dead that melds film noir with Mexican folklore. For years, fans of its rich storytelling and imaginative universe have longed for a wide, commercial release of the original game for modern platforms. With the support of Disney and LucasArts, Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions will now be able to make those dreams a reality. This short retrospective by 2 Player Productions offers an insight into the origins of the game and how it's making its way back to you.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information
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